Paper Sutekka: 2-Year Anniversary Collection

I first discovered Paper Sutekka on Instagram earlier this year, and instantly fell in love with Jessie’s cute characters, Mika (an adorable sheep) and Polee (a kawaii polar bear). Today is the long-anticipated launch of Paper Sutekka’s 2-Year Anniversary Collection, Sakura Season with Mika, and I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you all some of the goodies Jessie’s collection has in store.

Not only did Paper Sutekka launch the Sakura collection, but today Jessie also released nine new washi tapes, including many Pokemon-themed designs featuring Mika as Pikachu, Clefairy, Snorlax and more. In honor of the two-year anniversary of Paper Sutekka, you can get 15 percent off your entire purchase (excluding regular planner stickers) with the code SAKURAMIKA.

You can buy the entire Sakura collection as a bundle for $58, which is heavily discounted — but there are only 25 bundles in stock, so you’ll want to head on over to Paper Sutekka quickly before they sell out. Below, I’ll highlight the new items included in this bundle as well as some of the new tapes Jessie launched today. Happy two-year anniversary, Mika and Polee!

P.S. This blog post is not affiliated with Paper Sutekka. All artwork and photography belongs to Jessie and Paper Sutekka.

Mika Pen

The Sakura collection saw the release of Paper Sutekka’s first pen — how exciting! This ball-point pen writes in black ink and features a pink body with a Mika charm on top.

Mika Cherry Blossom Acrylic Charm

This acrylic charm features a sleepy Mika atop a bed of blooming Sakura blossoms. It’s perfect for your phone, your bullet journal or even wearing as a necklace!

Mika Cherry Blossom Mini Sticker Sheet

I ordered these stickers, along with one of the limited-edition washi tapes from the collection, for a festive spring bullet journal spread. They feature Mika in different positions with Sakura blossoms in her fur, as well as some cute heart and flower designs.

Mika Cherry Blossom Enamel Pin

If you collect pins, this is your only chance to get your hands on this limited-edition Mika pin from Paper Sutekka. The Mika Cherry Blossom Enamel Pin is gold-plated and backstamped for authenticity, making it the perfect gift for collectors.

Mika Cherry Blossom Themed Sticker Pack

This sticker pack comes with four kiss-cut sheets of unique Sakura designs. Each design is different, with some being inspired by traditional Japanese artwork and others by the natural beauty of springtime.

Mika Cherry Blossom Themed Sticker Flake Pack

Or, if you prefer sticker flakes, the collection also features a pack of three unique sticker flakes designed exclusively for Paper Sutekka’s two-year anniversary. Two are round with pink designs inspired by Sakura season, while the third features Mika and blossoms alongside graphic type.

Mika Cherry Blossom Air Freshener

Kawaii-ify your car with this adorable air freshener! Mika peeks out shyly behind a Sakura flower in this unique design, which is scented like (what else?) cherry blossoms.

Mika Cherry Blossom Mini Notebook

Paper Sutekka also released its first notebook in honor of the two-year anniversary collection. This notebook features a sleeping Mika atop a bed of cherry blossoms on a pastel pink cover. The pages are blank, allowing you to use the washi tapes and stickers from the collection to customize it to your liking.

Mika Cherry Blossom Gold Foiled Washi Tape

If Sakura blossoms aren’t enough cuteness for you, this pastel pink washi tape featuring Mika amid a flurry of flowers is also gold-foiled. Combined with one of the sticker sheets from the collection, it’s the perfect addition to your bullet journal spreads this spring.

Mika Cherry Blossom Thin Washi Tape

Alternatively, you might prefer a daintier washi tape — in which case, I’d recommend the thin washi tape from the Sakura collection. This slim tape measures just 10 mm x 10 mm and features Mika resting between cherry blossoms.

Mika Cherry Blossom Pouch

To keep your stationery safe from the elements, try this exclusively-designed pouch from the Sakura collection, which features a smiling Mika beneath two cherry blossom trees. This canvas pouch is perfect for toting stickers, washi tapes and everyday essentials wherever you go!

Mika Cherry Blossom Sticker Album

Safely store your sticker collection inside this white album with the word “blossom” on it, featuring Mika in a pile of Sakura flowers. This popular item is already sold-out, so you can only find it inside the limited-edition two-year anniversary bundle.

Mika Summer Fruit Party Washi Tape

One of the non-Sakura items launched during the anniversary celebration is this set of two summery washi tapes. The blue one features Mika amid fruits and floating on a swim raft, while the thinner pink one boasts juicy pineapples and watermelon fit for a summer barbecue.

Bulbamika Washi Tape

After seeing the Bulbamika Washi Tape on Instagram, I knew I had to have it! Of all the items launched this weekend, this one was my most highly-anticipated. The mint green tape features the Bulbamika design already seen in stickers from Paper Sutekka, allowing you to complete your bullet journal spread at last.

Mikachu Washi Tape

If electric Pokemon are more your style, this pastel pink Mikachu Washi Tape features Mika in a Pikachu costume atop a Pokeball-themed cloud. Again, this design can already be found on stickers from Paper Sutekka, so you can finally complete the collection with this washi tape.

Baymax and Mika Washi Tape

Not all of Paper Sutekka’s new washi tapes are Pokemon-themed, of course. This one features Baymax from Big Hero 6 hugging a happy Mika! Others launched this weekend include a sweet Totoro-themed tape, a lavender moon-themed tape and a tasty dango-themed tape. Check out Paper Sutekka’s store online for the full list of new releases!

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